So the blog is moving!!!!!!!!  In between sessions I’ve slowly been working on this little project.  And it is still a WIP….there are a few glitches…..this CSS code is about ready to get the best of me.  But here we go.

Bookmark this site, soon the link on the main page will be set to go straight there.  i’ll keep a link up to this as well, I won’t be update here anymore, but I’m not deleting it either.

So tell me what you think, hope to see you all over on the other side. 🙂


This one was full of smiles and she braved the cold (and boy was it cold)….I ended up feeling so bad for her sister that went with us at one point we wrapped a blanket around her.  But it was the perfect light  for taking pictures, and I finally got to use this set of stairs that I have been eyeing for awhile now.





to show what I’ve been working on, you get more pictures.  And for S….BADADADA-DUM (she will totally know what that means LOL)





ok first….tomorrow there will be a little change here (well maybe tomorrow if everything gets ready in time)…. I’ve got a few last minute things to do to it before I can make the announcement, and I’m probably the only one that is really excited about it but hey…its my blog. LOL

BUT before the big move, I have another adorable family to show you all.  It took a little bit for them to warm up to me, but when they did they gave me the most beautiful smiles. 






so the start of my springs seniors started a couple of weekends ago….thats about all you’ll be seeing here for a little while.  This one was a complete riot, and she is going to probably kill me for putting one of these up, but it was just so HER I had to do it.  We had so much fun, and even though we got lost once trying to find a specific place, plus we almost froze, we still ended up with some great shots that I hope she will love.





the gang has been complaining that I’m ALWAYS gone, and I spend more time with the senior class that I do with THEM… after my morning shoot this morning  I grabbed the 5DmkII (yea I’m not using it for shoots yet, I’m still scared of it, but I gave it some good practice today), rounded up the kids and off we went to the Zoo.  We had an awesome time, the most beautiful weather and it was nice to take some time for us….now off to go proof again, I promise.








but this senior girl and I braved the weather and spent an afternoon taking her senior portraits.  And she did a HECK of a job not LOOKING cold in them, I was so proud of her.  The first one I’m showing you is probably one of my all time favorites at the moment…plus it was in the coolest of locations.  We started out at her aunt’s (I think?) place, and I’m DYING to take Miss Mallory out there sometime in her new cowboy boots….there were so many cool sheds and ponds that you could do a whole shoot out there….I might have to beg to get permission to go out again.